Manufacturers interested in participating in the upcoming Stompbox Exhibits
should contact Paolo

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stompbox exhibit

Organized by sister blogs The Deli and Delicious Audio, The Stompbox Exhibit is a uniquely compact, interactive, super fun show all about guitar pedals!

The Stompbox Exhibit's mission is to
- Introduce the local community of musicians to the newest stompboxes and pedal manufacturers.
- Facilitate networking between companies, local musicians, and local industry insiders.
- Facilitate sales through vouchers reserved to participating manufacturers

The Deli's mission is to support the local comminities of musicians it covers!
Delicious Audio's mission is to be the best blog focused on guitar pedals!

Montreal SBE Winter NAMM Shared Booth
SNAMM Shared Booth Brooklyn SBE

The first Stompbox Exhibit was organized in Manhattan's Lower East Side in October 2011. We currently have scheduled 5 yearly shows: Brooklyn (Fall), Winter NAMM in LA (January), Austin (March during SXSW), Montreal (May) and at Summer NAMM in Nashville (summer).


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Here's a shortlist of manufacturers who participated in our exhibits:

Strymon, EarthQuaker Devices, TC Electronic, EHX, BOSS, MOOG, Ibanez, Vox, Eventide, Analogman, Ibanez, Chase Bliss Audio, Old Blood Noise, Red Panda Lab, Wampler, Pigtronix, RAT, HardWire, ZVex, Keeley, Walrus Audio, Dunlop, T-Rex, Seymour Duncan, Whirlpool, Source Audio, MojoHand FX, Big Joe Stompbox, Darkglass Electronics, Eden, Randall, Bigsound/Smallsound, DOD, HardWire, DMB, El Rey, MI Audio, Bearfoot FX, VL, Jam, Black Cat, Selah, Mod Kits, Fender, Fuzzrocious, Emma, Maxon, Rainger FX, Dutch Kazoo, Adventurous Audio, Enormous Door,  WMD, Diamond, Ernie Ball, Big Ear NYC, Hungry Robot, Chellee, Lone Wolf Audio + lot more!


Musicians are invited to bring their own guitars and plug in directly into the pedal boards. They will be able to test the pedals and hear them directly in the headphones, which will be plugged into an amp emulation unit.